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  • Don’t discard worn-out Instruments!!  ChemSharp™ them instead, at a fraction of the replacement cost. The all-new ChemSharp™ chemical honing process yields factory-new ultra-sharp precision edges to reamer shells, and many other precision cutting tools including box osteotomes, broaches and more. 
  • A ChemSharp™ precision-honed, ultra sharp edge compared to a broken down, worn cutting edge, means many things:
    • The difference in shearing bone cleanly versus tearing and abrading  bone. 
    • To the surgeon, it means the difference in cutting temperature and thermal necrosis which can lead to infections, and more brute cutting force required of the surgeon especially when encountering Dense cortical bone. 
    • It’s precision and efficiency versus aggravation and inefficiency. 
    • It’s about the speed of getting the job done correctly. ChemSharp™.
  • The Process: Hand sharpening typically leaves a rough finish full of micro defects, because of the abrasive used. The new patent pending ChemSharp™ chemical honing process is a significant advancement in edge creation and restoration. This process removes an ultra-thin, precise layer off of the surfaces that intersect to create a new cutting edge. Photomicrographs show the mirror smooth, long lasting edges restored to factory new, or better, condition.**  Your surgeon will feel the difference.
  • All instruments are fully inspected and photographed both before and after the ChemSharp™ process, assuring great quality and attention to detail. Introductory pricing. Very affordable. Easy Process.
  • ChemSharp™ offers quick turnarounds with the convenience of a call-in ordering system. Expedited 1-day turnaround available.
  • ChemSharp™ is more accurate and consistent than hand sharpening.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Large quantity discount and contract pricing available.
**OrthoGroup™’s initial shell reamer evaluation samples arrived from its vendors with some less than impressive sharpness, despite being factory-new. We decided to ChemSharp™ the sample sets that did not meet our standards. One can feel the sharper edge, but being difficult to quantify, we decided to use photomicrography to see the difference. We were so impressed, we decided our customers should see their sets in both before and after conditions using our new photo lab. Customers liked it so much that it now standard practice for every order!

50% off on your first order* of  ChemSharp™ !!


*Applies to first set from a given hospital or distributorship only.

About ChemSharp™

A long time producer of reamer handles, OrthoGroup™, was disappointed with the sharpness of some reamers we received from partner vendors.  We developed a revolutionary new chemical honing process which dramatically improved the sharpness of these reamers.  OrthoGroup™ recognized the capability of this process to recondition used orthopedic instruments and extend their useful life at a fraction of the cost of buying new instruments.  As such, ChemSharp™, a division of OrthoGroup™ was formed.

With international headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, OrthoGroup, Inc. is an innovator and leading designer in the manufacture and global distribution of devices for the medical industry. Since its founding in 2003, OrthoGroup, Inc. has been committed to product innovation, use of innovative technologies and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.  The company specializes in orthopedic surgical devices that provide unique solutions for industry challenges.  ChemSharp™ is one of those solutions.